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Working with Beth, I no longer worry about my back

June 6th, 2012 · No Comments ·

Almost three years ago the nagging lower back pain I’d been having accelerated to the point where it was difficult for me work either at my laptop or in my reading chair.  Pilates and other forms of generic exercise made matters worse.  I began to be concerned that I might have serious structural damage requiring surgery.  My masseuse recommended Beth Duffy.  Now, some three years later, because of Beth’s diagnosis and the daily exercises she prescribed, my back is a sometimes a nag but not anything serious or disabling unless I let the exercises go for a week or so.

    So, what was the magic?  First, she diagnosed a misalignment in the sacroiliac joint, which she  corrected and adjusts from time to time as needed, especially after I’ve taken cross-country flights.  Even more important, after working with the painful areas, and having me try different stretching exercises Beth determined that I have some chronic inflammation in a disc in my lower back.  She taught me exercises which work out the stiffness–best done shortly after getting up in the morning.

    I won’t bore you with technical descriptions, only say that Beth’s treatment, which now includes monthly acupuncture, reasonably priced, has transformed my condition from one of pretty constant pain to something akin to occasional aches and pain, so that much of the time I’m not aware I have a back, or at least inflammation in that back.  All of this Beth does with a combination of kindness and a low key approach, which treats my condition as something specific to me.  She also sets goals that are specific and achievable; working with her is actually fun, leaving me with the sense that I’m simply attending to one of those minor conditions we all have as human beings.

    Working with Beth I no longer worry about my back; rather I treat it plants or flowers which must be watered and weeded on a regular basis.  In every way she is the best.

J.C., Lake Oswego