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Helped me to avoid rotator cuff surgery

April 25th, 2010 · No Comments ·

I believe that treatment with Beth helped me to avoid rotator cuff surgery.  I tore one of the rotator cuff muscles in the fall of 2008.  Of course I didn’t know that at the time and just thought that I had strained my shoulder and that it would just get better. It didn’t, and in the time it took to get the injury diagnosed, a disc in my neck had become involved and I had impaired strength and use of my hand.  I was told by my doctor that my only hope was to have the tear surgically repaired.  I had already had back surgery, so I was intent on avoiding further surgery if at all possible.

I got online and started researching possible alternatives to surgery, and read that in some cases tears were resolved with acupuncture.  I was in a pretty acute situation when I first met Beth, and while I was hoping that I could avoid surgery, I was also skeptical that acupuncture would work.  As much as I like the idea of alternative medicine, as a former athlete I was fairly grounded in Western medicine.  Beth came very highly recommended by someone who had worked on my back for years, and I knew that being a physical therapist she would understand my injury.

I have to say that right from the beginning I gave myself to the treatment.  Beth gave me exercises to regain elasticity and strength as I began to heal.  I experienced improvement in pain reduction right from the beginning and steady improvement during the 12 weeks it took for the tear to heal itself.  I had a prior rotator cuff tear 19 years earlier that took a solid year to heal with physical therapy.  Physical therapy with Beth, with the addition of acupuncture, I had a 3 month recovery.  Beth was informative when it came to understanding my injury, helpful in explaining and demonstrating exercises, and incredibly fun to work with.

R.W., Raleigh Hills