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What people are saying

Much of my practice is based on word of mouth referrals.  Many thanks to all of you for your kind words of support, and to those who have recommended my services to others.

Almost three years ago the nagging lower back pain I’d been having accelerated to the point where it was difficult for me work either at my laptop or in my reading chair.  Pilates and other forms of generic exercise made matters worse.  I began to be concerned that I might have serious structural damage requiring surgery.  My masseuse recommended Beth Duffy.  Now, some three years later, because of Beth’s diagnosis and the daily exercises she prescribed, my back is a sometimes a nag but not anything serious or disabling unless I let the exercises go for a week or so.

    So, what was the magic?  First, she diagnosed a misalignment in the sacroiliac joint, which she  corrected and adjusts from time to time as needed, especially after I’ve taken cross-country flights.  Even more important, after working with the painful areas, and having me try different stretching exercises Beth determined that I have some chronic inflammation in a disc in my lower back.  She taught me exercises which work out the stiffness–best done shortly after getting up in the morning.

    I won’t bore you with technical descriptions, only say that Beth’s treatment, which now includes monthly acupuncture, reasonably priced, has transformed my condition from one of pretty constant pain to something akin to occasional aches and pain, so that much of the time I’m not aware I have a back, or at least inflammation in that back.  All of this Beth does with a combination of kindness and a low key approach, which treats my condition as something specific to me.  She also sets goals that are specific and achievable; working with her is actually fun, leaving me with the sense that I’m simply attending to one of those minor conditions we all have as human beings.

    Working with Beth I no longer worry about my back; rather I treat it plants or flowers which must be watered and weeded on a regular basis.  In every way she is the best.

J.C., Lake Oswego

Beth is truly an amazing practitioner! I went to her with a long term shoulder problem that no other doctor had been able to fix. She provided me with expert care. Beth identified the root of the problem and with both P.T. and acupuncture fixed it! She showed me how to do specific exercises to strenghten my problem areas.  I found her to be a genuine person who really cared about me as an individual. I highly recomend her to all!

L.B., Tigard

Beth is the best P.T.  She helped me through the recovery of both of my shoulders’ rotator cuff surgeries so that after a year I am back playing the violin professionally.  Her knowledge of the human body, patience, understanding and guidance were exactly what I needed and followed.  I remembered her from years ago when I first met her and knew then that she was the person I needed to work with again.  I would highly recommend her to anyone.

E.D., Southwest Portland

I have been going to Beth Duffy for therapy since I had a full hip replacement last spring.  I continue to go as regularly as I possibly can because the benefits to me are legion.  First, I feel stronger and more confident of my balance and my posture as a result of her work with me.  I have also had other unrelated health issues that at times impeded my ability to improve steadily.  Beth never allows me to give up or feel sorry for myself.  Her studio is beautifully equipped and designed to be a pleasant place to come to do hard work.  She pushes me in a wonderful way.  I will probably continue with Beth for years to come.  

 L.P., Northeast Portland

I tend to be skeptical about alternative medicine.  However, I have chronic sinus allergies, and had tried literally every allergy prescription and over-the-counter pill.  I even tried a year’s worth of weekly allergy shots.  I only received partial relief; the symptoms still affected my daily life too much.  And many of them brought side effects, like dizziness, tiredness, nosebleeds, and the jitters.

Beth suggested acupuncture for my sinus allergies.  I had nothing left to try, so agreed to give it a shot.  After the first two treatments, I could feel a significant difference.  After two months, my symptoms were dramatically reduced.  And the reduction in symptoms lasted. 

This is the best my allergies have been since childhood, with no side effects to interfere with my life.  The acupuncture procedure is not painful at all – gee whiz, it hurts much more to pluck an eyebrow hair!  

M.S., Beaverton

I sought out Beth at Garden Home Physical Therapy and Acupuncture in March 2009 because of sciatic nerve pain, muscle spasms, and numbness in the back of my right leg caused by too much running, yard work, and dancing.  I couldn’t run or sleep, had trouble walking, and had a bad response to muscle relaxants and pain relievers prescribed by a physician, so looked to Physical Therapy for help.  As a student Physical Therapist Assistant, I wanted to learn as much as I could about my injury and take a very active role in my rehab.  Beth was very supportive of these goals. 

Through a combination of soft tissue work, stretching, strengthening (particularly of core musculature), and acupuncture over several visits, she decreased the pain, eliminated the muscle spasms, and calmed the trigger points so that I could sleep again and begin the healing process.  Though it was hard to take almost three months off from running, it was necessary because I did not have adequate strength in my right leg to have a healthy running gait.  Beth gave me good alternatives (e.g. elliptical) to keep up my cardiovascular fitness and guidance on when I could resume running.  I’m now back to running 30-50 miles a week and have greater knowledge and body awareness that I can draw on for a lifetime.  Thank you, Beth!

C.K., Garden Home

I saw Beth last fall for insomnia.  She used a combination of acupuncture, herbs, and general recommendations pertaining to sleep.  Within four visits I was falling asleep easier, sleeping more soundly, and no longer felt anxious as to whether I would have difficultly sleeping that night.  This was my first experience with acupuncture, and I was a bit nervous at first.  Overall I feel this was a very positive experience.

 C.B., Southwest Portland

My leg was severely broken, and required surgery and five screws.  Plus, my sense of balance was damaged in the fall.  As with all major injuries, I knew I would have only one chance to heal well and minimize any permanent damage. So I wanted a truly outstanding physical therapist.

Beth Duffy is professional, very knowledgeable, and motivational.  She made me feel like an equal partner in my recovery, not an accident victim.  I developed full trust in her, which is the most critical element when working with a physical therapist.  If she wanted me to really push hard and get one more heel-slide exercise out of my leg, or 30 more nearly-impossible seconds on the exercise bike, I did it wholeheartedly. 

I have worked with three other P.T. practices in my life.  Sometimes, I felt like the therapist was only half-paying attention to me, or pushing me to the point of re-injury, or not believing me when I said something hurt really badly.  Some physical therapists are drill sergeants, and I don’t like being treated that way.  Beth is kind, gentle, and empathetic, but she can get incredible effort out of me when I am ready to quit.  She is the only physical therapist would recommend to my own friends and family.

S.L., Beaverton

I highly recommend the physical therapy and acupuncture services provided by Beth Duffy at Garden Home PTAC.  Beth was an essential part of my recovery and health after double knee replacement surgery three years ago.  Her expert knowledge of human physiology and kinesiology, and approach to physical therapy, greatly facilitated my rehabilitation and enabled me to regain an unexpectedly high level of flexibility, physical function and activity. 

Thanks to Beth, within a year of my surgery I was again dancing, canoeing rivers, and hiking in the Columbia River Gorge with strength and suppleness.  She also helped me re-learn how to maintain my balance and agility.  During my knee rehabilitation process, I looked forward to the weekly visits to her clinic, documenting my progress, and learning new ways to strengthen my body; I felt that I was in a great therapeutic partnership with Beth. 

A few months ago, I developed lower back pain and asked my doctor to refer me back to Beth.  She quickly diagnosed the source of the pain, provided treatment, and taught me how to avoid further problems.  I was pain-free the day after my first visit to Beth!

J.D., Southwest Portland

I believe that treatment with Beth helped me to avoid rotator cuff surgery.  I tore one of the rotator cuff muscles in the fall of 2008.  Of course I didn’t know that at the time and just thought that I had strained my shoulder and that it would just get better.  It didn’t, and in the time it took to get the injury diagnosed, a disc in my neck had become involved and I had impaired strength and use of my hand.  I was told by my doctor that my only hope was to have the tear surgically repaired.  I had already had back surgery, so I was intent on avoiding further surgery if at all possible. 

I got online and started researching possible alternatives to surgery, and read that in some cases tears were resolved with acupuncture.  I was in a pretty acute situation when I first met Beth, and while I was hoping that I could avoid surgery, I was also skeptical that acupuncture would work.  As much as I like the idea of alternative medicine, as a former athlete I was fairly grounded in Western medicine.  Beth came very highly recommended by someone who had worked on my back for years, and I knew that being a physical therapist she would understand my injury. 

I have to say that right from the beginning I gave myself to the treatment.  Beth gave me exercises to regain elasticity and strength as I began to heal.  I experienced improvement in pain reduction right from the beginning and steady improvement during the 12 weeks it took for the tear to heal itself.  I had a prior rotator cuff tear 19 years earlier that took a solid year to heal with physical therapy.  Physical therapy with Beth, with the addition of acupuncture, I had a 3 month recovery.  Beth was informative when it came to understanding my injury, helpful in explaining and demonstrating exercises, and incredibly fun to work with.

 R.W., Raleigh Hills

I have had trouble for years with sciatica – a pinched nerve in my lower back that gives me pain and numbness in my legs.  There was no comfortable way to sit, to stand, or to lie down and sleep at night.  But I refused to have anti-inflammatory drugs and Vicodin become part of my daily life.  I know losing a lot of weight would certainly help, but given my struggle with my weight the past 10 years, I am not counting on that to fix my back problem.

Beth Duffy at Garden Home Physical Therapy and Acupuncture combines physical therapy with traditional eastern medical methods.  I decided that, since the eastern methods have been around for thousands of years, maybe there was something to it.  I gave it a try.

Beth drew upon her physical therapy training to work on my lower back with stretches, exercises, and gentle manipulation.  She combined this with her professional experience as an acupuncturist.  She placed acupuncture needles in specific spots on my body, and most of the time I couldn’t even feel her do it.  If I did feel it, it was like getting a small shock from static – maybe even less than that.

My sciatica is totally resolved.  When I do overdo it and it flares up again, I just do the simple exercises and stretches Beth taught me, and it’s gone in a day or two.  I am so pleased with the results, and with Beth’s skills.  She incorporates the best of both worlds into treatment to maximize your chances of relief.  Don’t just decide to live with chronic pain, especially something like back pain that affects every moment of your life.  Maybe you can FIX it, not just medicate it. 

H.L., Beaverton

I have the highest of recommendation for Beth Duffy, both as a person and as an incredibly knowledgeable, talented acupuncturist/physical therapist.  In the past, I have been on multiple medications and to numerous Western doctors, for a variety of issues, from anxiety/depression, to compulsions and inconsistency sleeping.  Until I met Beth, none of my medications or treatments ever worked for a long period of time.  Beth has been able to identify the areas where I need work, isolate them, and bring my body back to a more “even” whole, without the use of drugs with negative side effects.  I have never felt better than when she has worked with me, and I highly recommend her to anyone looking for someone who is a thoughtful listener and an amazing clinician.

 T.G., Northwest Portland

When I hurt my shoulder, I thought it would get better in time.  When it didn’t get better and I realized how much I avoided using it, I got a bit scared and sought help.  I thought if the pain could just subside, then I would be able to start using my shoulder again on my own.  I had heard Beth’s name from co-workers and she was highly recommended.  I am a PT so I knew what physical therapy could do, but I was interested in trying acupuncture to decrease the pain and normalize movement.  Beth used a combination of acupuncture, manual physical therapy and physical therapy modalities to address my pain and dysfunction.  The pain was significantly improved in 3 visits, and the focus shifted to improving movement and strength.  I appreciate Beth’s combined knowledge and experience.  I have been able to receive my treatments in one place and by one clinician – getting the best of traditional and modern medicines.

Kathy, Physical Therapist, Beaverton