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Acupuncture, Orthopedics, and Sports Medicine

Acupuncture is an excellent complement to physical rehabilitation for sports and other orthopedic injuries. Acupuncture can help improve physical performance, mitigate the effects of overtraining, and prevent future injuries. It has been proven to decrease pain and inflammation, as well as promote circulation to the affected tissues. This in turn accelerates healing by bringing in the necessary nutrients and removing metabolic wastes. Athletes and those who are physically active understand how critically important it is to maintain balance in the body; once balance is disrupted, tissue breakdown and injury occur. Acupuncture can play an integral role in maintaining this balance.

Because of my western medical background, I have been drawn to an anatomically based method when using acupuncture to treat sports and orthopedic injuries. In addition to the classical acupuncture points, I commonly use trigger points, motor points, and points along the spine that impact nerve innervation of the injured tissues. Oftentimes, one of the primary goals is to simply reset the portion of the nervous system which determines the tension level of the affected soft tissues. Once this tension level has been corrected, a cascade of positive results takes place. Bony alignment corrections can be maintained, postural corrections are more easily attained, and abnormal stresses and pulls on other muscles, tendons, joints, and ligaments ease.

I always begin the initial session with a thorough musculo-skeletal examination. This allows me to immediately begin treating not only the pain, but also the source of the dysfunction. Without this type of exam, much time and money can be wasted by “chasing symptoms.” I treat integratively whenever possible, bringing together my knowledge of both eastern and western medicine. A patient seeing me for acupuncture will typically also receive some form of manual therapy if appropriate, as well as stretches or other exercises to further their progress between treatment sessions.

Through the years, I have successfully treated numerous sports and orthopedic injuries using this integrative treatment model. Injuries that I have successfully treated include but are not limited to:

o neck, mid back, and lower back pain
o spinal disc protrusions/bulges
o sciatica
o concussions
o headaches
o temporomandibular joint (TMJ) dysfunction
o shoulder pain and bursitis
o rotator cuff tears and repairs
o shoulder impingement syndrome
o frozen shoulder
o tennis elbow/lateral epicondylitis
o golfer’s elbow/medial epicondylitis
o carpal tunnel syndrome
o rib subluxations
o hip pain and bursitis
o sacroiliac joint sprains
o iliotibial band (ITB) syndrome
o meniscal tears
o patellar tendonitis
o patellofemoral joint dysfunction
o hamstring and calf strains and tears
o achilles tendonitis
o tendon ruptures/post operative tendon repairs
o ankle sprains
o plantar fasciitis
o osteoarthritis/degenerative joint disease

I have been treating sports and orthopedic injuries for over 20 years; incorporating acupuncture into the treatment of these injuries is something I feel passionate about. Please call if you would like more information. I will happily answer any questions, or discuss whether this type of treatment would be helpful for your specific injury.